Compulsive lieing

compulsive lieing

Pathological lying (PL) is a controversial topic. There is, as yet, no consensus in the psychiatric community on its definition, although there is. Lying is part of everyday life, but pathological or compulsive liars take it to the extreme. Here, the facts behind liars, including how to spot one. Compulsive lying disorder, also known as pseudologia fantastica or mythomania, is a condition that describes the behavior of a habitual liar. ​While.


Compulsive Liar Symptoms Views Read Edit View pink roulette roulette. Know What To Look For. Then my lies starts to unravel. The only thing you can do is voice your concern and offer help. Louis, are you still married?. I stay because I love him although what I considered to be unconditional love on my behalf,im not sure I can actually maintain He is not only a compulsive liarwomanizer and ice user,he is now a petty theif without a job anymore and all bills are my responsibility….


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